Dr Nabhit Kapur, named most influential Psychologist Globally by FAAVM Canada, is a Psychology expert, social sector entrepreneur, pioneer, professional mentor and a global champion of positive mental health and well-being among all sections of society. Despite his humble beginnings, he has pioneered and successfully directed mainstreaming mental health as an acceptable, addressable and a real form of ailment for humanity.

At a young age of 28, he founded PeacfulMind Foundation, to empower individuals to take charge of their own wellness and to ‘make Psychology a household term’. Since then, his efforts have impacted the lives of millions across more than two dozen countries from various strata of society including pilots, army officers, policemen, teachers, students, mothers and young professionals.

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He has been granted recognition as Chairperson of Global Psychology and Language Research Association and Ambassador-at-Large, Spokesperson (Mental Health) for the United Refugee Green Council as well as Global Ambassador of Healthcare, Canada.

He also holds a World Record for his efforts towards revolutionising Psychology and making it a household term in over two dozen countries in a short span of 1 year 6 months.

Over the last decade, he has toiled extensively in the remotest parts of the nation, helping solve mental health issues for hundreds of school children between age groups 7 to 16 years who have been provided hypnotic and other drug-related treatments in local hospitals due to incorrect diagnosis. With his innovative, proven methods like Detailed Profiling and Individualised Intervention, he is considered one of the most influential psychologists across the globe. His various Lectures, Talks, Drives and Campaigns on the subject have created awareness about learning disabilities and other child mental health issues among mothers, teachers and in public schools in the rural parts of the country.

His efforts towards meeting the needs of families’ psychological well-being, adolescent mental health and community living have been appreciated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India.

He has organised interventions at several schools across the globe, professing Institutionalisation of psychological wellness. He has campaigned extensively for the use of Psychometrics for building motivation and has successfully demonstrated the application of scientific methods to help students realise their optimum potential. He regularly conducts Detailed Profiling, Comprehensive Screening and Regular follow-ups for participants of his academic workshops.

He also trains pilots on Psychometric tools which help in stress management, majority of whom successfully serve the national carrier, Air India.

Dr Kapur’s pioneering leadership and vision has today led him towards the process of establishing the Global Youth Mental Health Forum – for scrutiny, education and training of youth in Psychological First aid. This will also enable more students opting for Psychology as their chosen career path. He also aims to change the symbolic heuristics as used in the world of Psychology, thereby changing the narrative of taboos associated with mental health in the country.



He has also lectured on prestigious platforms like TEDx including keynote addresses across the globe (Malaysia, Paris, Ghana, Kenya etc.) orienting people and business houses to invest in Mental healthcare. His recognitions from across the globe make him one of the most authentic psychologists to which people can rely. Titles like “Ratan e Hindustan, Most enterprising psychologist “etc. proves an example for the same.  He has been awarded for more than 40 times in 2 years worldwide.

He has made extensive efforts towards building peace by advocating for Psychology as a multidimensional tool towards resolving conflicts. He has a passion for helping soldiers who undergo externally inflicted trauma that manifests itself in mental disorders. Many such initiatives have been individually conducted by him in extremely turbulent war-affected zones like Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine. In recognition for his efforts, he was felicitated as the Ambassador of Peace by the United Nations Forum of peace (IGO) Nigeria, Goodwill Ambassador of Peace from World leaders Forum, Pakistan and the like.

He has adopted multiple constituencies in the African Regions, working with Ministries and African Union, spreading community well-being among millions in the region. He has been felicitated as the Ambassador of Psychology and Mental Healthcare by Malawi for his work.


He introduced the concept of psychological wellness among pregnant women in the Middle East and has been awarded for the. He was recognised by the Government of Dubai for his efforts. In Afghanistan, he promoted the idea of mental shift in attitude towards elections, which was recognised by the Chief Election Commissioner, Afghanistan.

He is an accomplished writer and has authored books on Grapho-Psychology, apart from several acclaimed research papers to his credit. He holds a Degree Certificate of Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina, USA besides Degrees in Counselling and Family therapy, Learning Disability and Past life Regression Therapy.

Dr Kapur is a visionary and a true thought leader, whose devotion and hard work have ushered new ways of Psychological well-being across nations, age-groups, ethnicities and cultures. From young children to policymakers across the globe, he continues to strive to make human minds perceive and acknowledge the importance of psychological wellness as an imperative for better day-to-day living.