Candidate for United Nations Secretary General Election 2021

Putting people before Government,
Support me to make United Nations for all

Your Excellency
Mr. Volkan Bozkir
President of General Assembly
United Nations HQ
New York

Today I decided to take this step, seeing young leaders come forward and shape the global society, with this spirit. I look to give my contributions to the world and now when the time is of urgency

The first most and important critical area which needs the attention are the humanitarian issues. As officials and all of us we are here to solve the issues of crisis and not aggravate them. The humanitarian issues in Yemen, Syria, Palestine etc. need urgent care. Loss of life and more importantly the trauma bared by the young coming generations need urgent psychosocial care.

Issues of Mental Well-being which not intervened and given due importance will shape up as a global pandemic someday. The matter doesn’t stop at only stigmas and taboo around mental well-being / health , it’s the perception of people that needs to change to consider it as an important aspect of ones life.

Refugees recorded the highest numbers in these years and many being children and kids. These refugees have become victim of trade, smuggling or killed and hampered either physically and even mentally. The urgency is now.

During my conversations with many world leaders it has come to notice that UN has just become a status symbol and not as a “working body”. The concern is with leaders who work within the system and that needs to change. I may lack experience but not energy, conviction, dedication and ability to see that peace can exist.

U.N. has spent trillions of dollars in every aspect but still in many parts of the world we see like nothing has been achieved in terms of peacekeeping, well-being, health etc.

Today if I would have not risen up and dared to vision that a young 33 year old person can lead UN, I think the time will never come. All I ask from you dear sir is a kind consideration for my candidature and give me a chance to verbalise my vision statement to members and you all.

As MK Gandhi said,

“Be the change you want to see, to make the change you have to be in system.”

This is my voice to work and to work with all of you together not in competition but with cooperation.


Nabhit Kapur

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